Praxis42 is a fast growing business

Working at Praxis42:  Do you really care? Really?

Are you looking for a career move, building up your experience as a Health and Safety professional by helping compliant organisations to tick boxes?  If so, you’ve come to the wrong place…

We expect everyone in our team to understand that they have an exceptionally important role to play in serving two of the most important groups of people in the UK.  It is up to us to find ways to balance the demands of company leadership teams and their shareholders, with the needs of their employees and in turn, their families.

Health and Safety sits at the fulcrum of this challenge.  By helping everyone to take a positive approach, and to both do the right things and do the things right, we can ensure that interests are aligned and everyone wins.  But there is much more to it than ‘ticking the right boxes’, although this still has a part to play.

Health and Safety related compliance and competencies touch every aspect of any organisation’s success.  In fact, in the eyes of the law, it subordinates everything else. That’s EVERYTHING else.  Brands, profits, assets, balance sheets, contracts, equity whatever…  Whether you are the chairman or the cleaner, the law prioritises your Health and Safety above all else.

So we need people who really care about the health of people and safety or premises and property; who understand their value and importance, and who want to make a real and positive difference to the lives of people in and around the clients that we serve.

If this sounds of interest to you, please contact us via the Confidential Contact Form.

Profile:  Is this you?

We are a fast-moving professional services company on a mission to ensure that our clients take a positive approach to Health and Safety which enables them to anticipate and mitigate risk.  We help them to view their operations through multiple lenses in order to deal with known challenges and to identify those unknown unknowns which have not yet been imagined.

Our functions range from expert practitioners to digital developers to appointment bookers to ecommerce product managers.  Some are luminous non-conformists, others methodical boffins. Everyone is expected to recognise that working in a creative, innovative and energetic environment is not like working in a corporate culture.  You will be supported all the way, but you have to lead too.  Does this sound like you?

Teamwork: The whole is greater than the sum of the parts

Everyone’s opinion is always welcomed and valued. Each department respects the expertise and experience within the others; underpinning a single, multi-functional team approach to all challenges. Divergent viewpoints are welcomed, but consensuses reached are supported. Cynics and egotists quickly become irrelevant.

Professional Development is driven through a formal appraisal process in which opportunities or expansions of remits trigger training and requirements. Our people are also encouraged to attend innovation and professional events to maintain up-to-the-minute knowledge and to expand their professional horizons.

Future proof: Digital Natives welcome

As we explain elsewhere on our site, the only certainty in Health and Safety today is change.  Change is the mother of invention, and its twin, innovation.  Having been pioneers in the development and transformation of the role of eLearning within Health and Safety compliance and risk reduction, digital technologies underpin all of our activities now.

Whilst our core expertise is as Health and Safety Practitioners, we have a well-established commitment to digitising our services to ensure they are as user friendly and cost-effective as possible and to extend the breadth of their availability.