Our Health and Safety eLearning is exclusively and uniquely IOSH Approved

Why choose eLearning?

Providing IOSH Approved and CPD Certified Health and Safety eLearning courses online optimises compliance while saving time and money. eLearning allows users the freedom to complete training at a time and place to suit them. Accurate, real-time reporting automatically captures who has done what, where and when. Reports can be sliced, diced, personalised and retained to suit your business needs.

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Why choose Instructor-led Training?

Health and Safety training through face-to-face sessions, delivered one-to-one or in groups, is ideally suited for more complex subjects. Interaction with the trainer and each other makes learning more experiential and memorable. Instructor-led Training is ideal for organisations wanting to empower key employees to lead the perpetuation of a Health and Safety culture.

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Why blend both?

Invite Praxis42 to devise a programme of blended learning to drive an initiative, or to respond to a compelling event. Standardised, IOSH Approved and CPD Certified, eLearning familiarises employees with subject matter basics at a low cost. The Instructor-led phase then builds on this, delivering powerful tools and techniques to help enable your organisation to continually minimise risk in all areas of activity.

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