Specialist​ ​partnership​ ​services​ ​to​ ​Insurance​ ​providers​ ​and​ ​HR​ ​Professionals

No one wins when accidents and incidents occur – employers, employees and insurance companies
always come out a little worse off, if only for a limited period. At Praxis42, we partner with insurance
companies and HR Advisers to help them to help their policy holders and clients to ensure that
accidents and incidents do not occur in the first place.

We form symbiotic partnerships with Insurance providers. These alliances are adapted to suit the
specific value proposition of the insurance company involved and their brokers. Typically, they help
enable policy holders to ensure that they both understand their obligations and undertake the positive
actions required to remain safe, healthy and compliant.

In addition, we work with HR Lawyers and Advisers to help them to ensure that their clients fulfil their
Duty of Care towards their employees and members of the public that they encounter. Whilst they
can advise their clients on what needs to be done, we help ensure that it happens.