Who are we?

Praxis42 was founded in 2001.  We initially provided a specialist service identifying, preventing, monitoring and remedying Health and Safety related risk in the telecoms sector.  This was during the highly pressured and regulated period when mobile services grew exponentially and transformed society.

From that foundation, we have gone on to become a leading UK provider of Health and Safety related expertise which we deliver through three distinct channels.  Our Consulting Services help leadership teams to ensure they are doing the right things, while our eLearning and Training, and Audits and Assessment teams ensure that all employees are doing the things right.

We provide a positive approach and pragmatic solutions to medium and large organisations with hundreds or thousands of employees; often operating across multiple sites and with complex needs.  Clients range from nationwide pub chains to national media channels; from high street retailers to high security casinos and from local Estate Agents to global insurance and banking leaders. No two clients are the same; but the one common denominator is their demand for the most efficient, flexible and cost-effective Health and Safety related services.


What do we do?

Health and Safety, Fire Safety, Wellbeing and Environment are broad topics that can seem complicated. We help to ensure compliance and to enhance competency. To keep it simple, we provide our services through three distinct channels; Consulting Services, eLearning and Training, and Audits and Assessments.

Our Consulting Services are available for anyone needing help or advice with their Health and Safety related strategy or management. eLearning provides an efficient, cost-effective way to keep all employees up-to-date, competent and compliant in key areas, while Instructor-led Training can be adapted to meet specific training needs.  Audits and Assessments ensure that our clients’ policies, procedures and protocols are observed where they count the most; on site, all day every day.

We often find that the solutions our clients require combine aspects of all three and so we can provide a streamlined, bespoke and cost-effective 360-degree service.  And for those organisations that wish to focus on their core value generators, we offer the option to outsource responsibility for all or part of the Health and Safety function, including an experienced team ready to manage TUPE transfers.