Our nationwide team of qualified Advisers work across all sites to ensure protocols are observed where they matter most.


Our Health and Safety Audits and Assessments team is located throughout the UK so that we can provide a cost-effective multisite service delivering all your Health and Safety requirements across a wide range of topics. We also have extensive experience of full outsourcing of Health and Safety support services for significant corporate organisations.

Praxis42 provides a positive approach and pragmatic services to medium and large organisations with hundreds or thousands of employees; often operating across multiple sites and with complex needs. Clients range from nationwide pub chains to national media channels; from high street retailers to high security casinos and from local Estate Agents to global insurance and banking leaders. No two clients are the same; but the one common denominator is their demand for the most efficient, flexible and cost-effective Health and Safety related services.

The technical aspects of our Audits and Assessments are equally wide-ranging. From everyday Fire Risk Assessments to Environmental Checks to Disability Access Reports to Maternity Risk Assessments and on to specialist services Asbestos Condition Surveys and Food Safety Inspections, we have the necessary Advisers operating across the UK. We serve as your eyes and ears, making sure that your processes and protocols are being observed by all employees at the points where they matter most. Moreover, because all of our Advisers are qualified and experienced, any evidence of risks outside of our remit are also brought to the attention of the Responsible Person.

All Praxis42 activity is underpinned and communicated via digital channels. The outcomes of audits, assessments and inspections conducted are uploaded to clients in real-time via pre-agreed procedures. This provides our clients with all the reporting and data slicing and dicing that they need to ensure that legal, financial, operational and reputational risks are managed across their entire estate.

Further information about the breadth of Audits and Assessments we conduct can be found in the Consulting section.