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The Benefits of Investing in Fire Safety Training

Posted by Tracy Seward

Depending on the industry that you work in, your employees may not think that fire safety training is important. However, when it comes to the training itself, employees could just turn up to the venue and participate to meet their legal obligations, but training should make employees aware that their safety at work is important and a priority. Fire safety training can play a huge role in transforming opinions about safety and awareness. There are countless reasons why it is essential that employees are fully equipped to deal with a fire and as an employer, it is vital that you make sure staff fully participate in their training.

#1 Safety

Employees who feel safe in their working environment are more productive. When employees feel unsafe at work they are often unsettled and perhaps even preoccupied with the hazards. Being fully prepared for an emergency situation can boost productivity because employees are not distracted worrying about their safety.

#2 The Right Approach

When a fire drill takes place, employees know what is expected of them. If in the event of a real emergency situation, unprepared staff can exacerbate the situation. Fire safety training will help employees implement evacuation protocol calmly and professionally. Good training should educate employees not only on how fires start and how to reduce the risk but also on best practice during an emergency and the right evacuation procedures based on the specific business. Some businesses may have more complex evacuation protocols than others.

#3 Knowledge

Increasing knowledge and awareness can only be a positive thing. However, it is recommended that there are at least one or two appointed fire marshals in the business. The role of the appointed professional is to ensure that their knowledge of fire safety is up to date but, so they can educate and update the workforce on fire safety strategies.

#4 Cost Savings

When an entire workforce is educated in fire safety strategies and competent in fire prevention, it can have positive financial implications for businesses. When employees use the equipment effectively the costs associated with repair and servicing are reduced. Not only this, a fire can be extremely costly for a business with some businesses never fully recovering. Employers can also save costs and boost engagement through the delivery of online training. It has been shown that fire safety training delivered through e-learning increases knowledge retention and encourages more employees to actively participate.

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