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McColl’s a leading neighbourhood retailer, identified a requirement to outsource their fire safety across their network of countrywide stores, to achieve compliance with article 9 of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and section 53(2)(a) of the Fire (Scotland) Act 2005.

Praxis42 were initially appointed at a strategic level to provide guidance and support to ensure full compliance with the afore mentioned fire safety legislation. In conjunction with this McColl’s put in motion a competitive tender process to have fire risk assessments undertaken across their estate of circa 1,200 convenience stores.


Establishing a partnership with a credible consultancy business was obviously important to McColl’s and a good cultural fit was one of the criteria in selecting Praxis42. In addition to the strategic support with delivering management information, the ability to deliver fire risk assessments across the UK was essential in supporting the Health and Safety Manager and ensuring compliance in a dynamic business environment.

Competence was also critical and Praxis42 were able to evidence their credentials by being a BAFE SP205 Life Safety Risk Assessment accredited company.

McColl’s identified the need to be able to measure compliance and had already put in motion a computer-aided facility management (CAFM) system. Being able to link into this system was crucial and Praxis42 were quickly able to provide the data directly into the McColl’s CAFM system via an Application Programming Interface (API).

Alison Fagan the Health and Safety Manager responsible for fire safety in McColl’s says:

“We like working with Praxis42 as they are large enough to manage the business requirement but are small enough to ensure that there is a personal relationship to assist with dynamic situations at speed to ensure that McColl’s needs are met.”

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