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The Ministry of Defence (MoD) employs approximately 230,000 regular and reserve personnel with a civilian staff of 55,000 whose training is managed by a department called dbLearning. The department operates training from 32 bases and locations around the World with dedicated eLearning centres called DELC’s.

When dbLearning, the civilian training function of the MoD, carried out a review of its health, safety and environment eLearning materials it became clear that many of its modules needed updating to match the best of what was available. At the same time there were some legislative changes which needed to be incorporated into their portfolio.


As a result of Praxis42’s technical experience and professional credentials they were selected by dblearning as their sole provider of health, safety and environment eLearning.

During the selection process the MoD were looking for a level of assurance and confidence from eLearning suppliers that their products and ongoing support would ensure that the health, safety and environment content kept pace with the constant changes that occur in this area of compliance. Praxis42 stood out as 1st class subject matter experts as well as being the only health, safety and environment business which provides eLearning training courses that are accredited by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH).

The MoD believes that working in partnership with Praxis42 they now have a level of assurance that the content of the modules will be kept up to date and relevant to their needs while providing an excellent interactive learning experience for their staff.

 To establish a proof of concept and gain user feedback Praxis42 undertook an initial pilot through the dbLearning ‘limited editions’ programme where all its health and safety eLearning modules were added to the dbLearning portfolio. The pilot was a great success and provided the foundation for the long-term licence agreement.

The response to our eLearning courses has been extremely positive not only from senior management, but also from the students taking the courses and their line managers ‘ The course was a tremendous success and, whilst the final assessments still need to be ratified by IOSH, I envisage that all of those who attended will achieve the full IOSH ‘Managing Safely’ qualification’

‘ The course was a tremendous success and I envisage that all of those who attended will achieve the full qualification’ 


Captain Chris Butt

“Praxis42 listened to what we needed and have consistently delivered on time and on budget. They are extremely professional”.

Bernie Hart – dbLearning team manager

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