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Choosing safety and compliance eLearning – 5 tips to get it right first time

Posted by Tracy Seward

eLearning is the perfect way to deliver health and safety training. It’s the fastest and simplest way to reach a large, dispersed workforce. Online risk assessments eliminate the paper trail at a stroke and take the bureaucratic headache out of delivering questionnaires to users, capturing data and recording control measures.

So with such a natural fit, how can organisations end up choosing the wrong system? One that doesn’t deliver against expectations. Often decision makers don’t ask the right questions or fail to involve key stakeholders. So here are five helpful tips on getting it right first time.

1.  Understand what is needed –  undertake a pilot with a user group or key stakeholders to gain their feedback and expectations from the solution. Spending time looking at the strengths and weakness of the proposed system will pay dividends in the long term and help ensure the solution fits the organisations culture.

2.  Selection – as part of the selection process scrutinise the Learning Management System (LMS) that underpins the content and assessment – ask the right questions. What are its features? What benefits do they bring to the organisation? What reports will it provide? How easy is it to configure to match the organisation? How easy is the risk data to organise and manage? Will it manage communication with users and involve their managers?

3.  Course design – look at the  educational design aspects of the courses such as aims, objectives and how they are assessed. Are they regularly reviewed by competent practitioners and updated to meet regulatory changes? Can they be customised? How long  are the courses?

4.  Review the entire library –  it’s common to start with one course and risk assessment such as the safe use of display screen equipment (DSE) and workstation ergonomics. But what about the future? If this exercise proves successful the organisation  might need to deliver more related compliance courses and assessments. Has the whole library been reviewed or an understanding gained of the suppliers development programme? Consider the order of the roll out too.  Why start with DSE if those responsible don’t understand managing safely and need to raise their capabilities.

5.  Successful deployment and ongoing maintenance – check the ability and experience of the supplier to help deploy and deliver the solution across complex organisations. Ask to speak to existing customers or for customer references and testimonials that provide you with some assurance. Also explore how ongoing technical and customer support is provided and underpinned from competent health, safety and environment resources.  It may help to understand if the supplier operates or is accredited to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

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