With the current social distancing guidelines in place organisations are now required to ensure all employees that can are working from home. To support our customers with their Business Continuity we have created a helpful infographic on remote working. you can download and share here REMOTE WORKING COVID_19

In light of the COVID-19 Pandemic and the requirement for organisations to move many employees to a homeworking arrangement, Praxis42 has developed an emergency homeworking package that is tailored to suit the current acute need to manage large numbers of employees working from home in less than ideal circumstances.

Our eLearning is also the perfect way to support your employees and stay compliant, as you can take our courses on any device with an internet connection.

homeworking package includes information on the following topics:-

  1. Home Worker Awareness eLearning
  2. Emergency Homeworker Assessment tool
  3. Mental Health and Me eLearning
Get in touch with us today on 020 3011 4242 or email us on info@praxis42.com to talk to us about this package or for support with this or any other Health, safety, Wellbeing or Fire Safety concern.