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Drug and Alcohol Awareness in The Workplace: A Praxis42 Practical4U.

Posted by Tracy Seward

Lloyd’s of London has become the most recent high-profile employer to ban any use of alcohol by employees during the working day.  The company is reported to have stated that the decision is ‘designed to bring the institution into line with others in the industry’ rather than being related to any alcohol-related incidents.

Other employees consider Alcohol to be a serious workplace issue because those who may have used alcohol may cause harm to colleagues or members of the public. Risks range from physical risks, such as operating potentially dangerous equipment, to wellbeing risks caused by potentially erratic and harmful attitudes and behaviours.  The matter is fraught with risk.

Most responsible employers now have various forms of drug and alcohol policies in place as part of their contracts with employees.  These increasingly include zero tolerance to the use of alcohol and drugs within working hours or reporting for duty under the influence.

However, responsible employees are increasingly providing support in the form of encouraging self-awareness among their workforce.  In addition, some offer to help to any employees who disclose drug and alcohol problems.

Alcohol Awareness

Underlying all of this is the recognition that these issues create huge amounts of waste.  A report by the British Medical Journal is reported to have stated that alcohol is directly or indirectly responsible for 17 million lost days of work per year, equating to a cost of £7.3 billion to the UK economy.  The cost of training and supporting employees can be significantly lower than the cost of the waste incurred.

Praxis42 provides two eLearning courses to help organisations to minimise drug and alcohol issues among employees.  Drug and Alcohol Awareness for Managers enables those who manage or supervise staff to understand substance misuse and provides practical ways to identify and minimise the risks and effects associated.

The role of the managers and supervisors is aided by the second course, Drug and Alcohol Awareness for Employees.  This has been developed for all levels of employees across all sectors and serves to provide an understanding of the potential legal, social and financial effects of drug and alcohol misuse, as well as the consequences for the workplace.  It also aims to provide strategies to help identify signs of substance misuse and to help minimise the risks relating to it.

The two courses can be purchased online for £30 and £25 respectively, with discounts available for bulk purchases.


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