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 EMF & RF Exposure and Duty of Care

Posted by Mike Stevens – Client Service Director

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and Radio Frequencies (RFs) can present a significant risk to workers, which is why organisations, employees, and contractors must be equipped with the knowledge necessary to manage risk and keep workers safe.

 This is particularly important for network operators and landlords, as legally they owe a duty of care to all workers including visitors and passers-by, and must assess and limit their exposure to EMFs and RFs.

Allowing Access to Contractors

Network operators and landlords who control areas where EMF or RF radiation is present owe a duty of care to any contractors they allow access to. Whether that is because they are on-site to carry out service and maintenance on an EMF or RF source, such as an antenna, or will simply be working in an area where EMF or RF radiation reaches potentially harmful levels, landlords and network operators have to ensure that workers are not put at risk.

In compliance with the Control of Electromagnetic Fields at Work Regulations 2016, any organisation or individual responsible for EMF or RF sources must ensure that employees are not exposed to EMF or RF levels above the exposure limit values (ELVs). While the legislation applies specifically to employees, if you have hired a contractor then they can be seen as an employee and require the same duty of care as anyone else in your organisation.

Workers at Particular Risk

Organisations must pay extra attention when it comes to workers who are identified as being at particular risk when working in proximity of EMFs and RFs due to one or more of the following reasons:

  •     Pregnant workers
  •     Workers with medicals devices worn on the body
  •     Workers wearing implanted medical devices, such as a pacemaker
  •     Workers with body piercings
  •     Workers who have metal plates, artificial joints, pins or shrapnel


Any worker who falls under one or more of the categories listed above is considered to be at greater risk when working in proximity of EMFs and RFs and should, therefore, undergo a specific risk assessment before they are allowed on site and precautions taken to protect them.

 Praxis42 EMF Awareness Training

 Our EMF and RF awareness training course is aimed at anyone who may come into contact with EMFs and RFs as part of their work and offers guidance that will help both managers and employees understand the hazards posed by EMFs and RFs. Developed by the Praxis42 team in collaboration with health and safety experts who specialise in EMF and RF, the course is IOSH approved, CPD certified and SCORM compliant like all of our training courses.

This eLearning course is designed to raise awareness of the dangers involved with EMFS and RFs and the most common hazards that organisations and employees should both be aware of. By providing employees with a basic understanding of how exposure to high EMF and RF levels could negatively impact their health, the course teaches and equips individuals with the knowledge required to keep themselves safe when working in proximity to EMFs and RFs. 



Mike Stevens – Client Service Director

Mike was one of the founders of Praxis42 back in 2001 and is a Chartered Health and Safety Practitioner with expertise in the development of management systems in complex organisation. Experience gained internationally with Mercury Communications, Cable Wireless and before that at RoSPA. Mike focuses on the Consultancy side of the business working with our clients to enable them to establish targets, objectives and metrics that help them meet their compliance and governance obligations.

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