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Fire Safety Tips For Your Organisation!

Posted by Tracy Seward

Dealing with fire safety is a complicated process, the amount of work involved to ensure your premises is compliant with fire safety law based on a fire risk assessment prepared by a competent person, as well as ensuring your employees, contractors are trained in what to do in the event of a fire can mount up; but, ensuring that, as an organisation you have a comprehensive fire safety management system, this will help to prevent unacceptable risk to life safety, as well as minimising disruption in the continuity of operations.

It’s important to know that your employees understand the fire plan and procedures and what to do in case of a fire, ask a few questions to your employees and if they are unsure then you need to take action.

Ask Your Employees:

  • Do they know what to do if they discover a fire?
  • Do they know who your fire marshal’s are?
  • Do they know how to evacuate safely, and where your assembly point is located?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, then you need to change the way that your organisation approaches fire safety; prevention is the first step to ensuring that the risk of fire is minimal, therefore ensuring a suitable and sufficient risk assessment and training is in place will help to minimise the fire risks.

Organisations typically have designated fire marshals, this person must be competent, knowledgeable and trained to deal with a fire.

Fire Safety Courses

As we previously mentioned, fire safety risk assessment can be a complicated process, but if neglected it can have a devastating impact on both life and your organisation; therefore, it’s important for senior management to ensure that their employees are knowledgeable on fire safety within the premises.

At Praxis42, we understand that your fire risk assessment procedures should be regularly checked, and we are here to assist organisations with this, the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order (RROFSO) and The Fire Safety (Scotland) Regulations require that premises undertake  a Fire Risk Assessment and that it is regularly reviewed; therefore, keeping on top of your fire safety management should be a priority, take a look at our range of courses and risk assessment today.

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