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Following up display screen equipment assessments can be a waste of time…if the issues are minor or risk ratings are wrong

Posted by Tracy Seward

Dealing with the issues raised by DSE self-assessments could be a never-ending task. There always seems to be something that needs attention. Whether it’s Bob from accounts and his new footrest or Jill from HR and her mystery back pain, following up ergonomic assessments can eat up more than its fair share of resources.

And is all this time and attention absolutely necessary? Of course organisations should take the wellbeing of their workers seriously not only when they are office workers but if they are working from home, at the client’s workplace or hot-desking and this post isn’t about to suggest otherwise, but surely employees can take a little more responsibility when it comes to good workstation ergonomic practice?

Managers, facility teams and advisers can often end up dealing with or being distracted by relatively trivial issues, or on a wild goose chase because of poorly defined risk ratings. If improved wellbeing or better ergonomics is simply a case of making an adjustment or cleaning a piece of equipment, is there any problem in guiding the user directly and empowering them to carry out actions themselves?

An online ergonomic self-assessment can be adapted or designed to prompt these actions, to allow the user to inform those responsible that they have been recognised, resolved and corrected any potentially erroneous responses. This then leaves managers and assessors to concentrate their efforts on more serious issues that really do require intervention from someone competent in ergonomic workstation and task design.

Just think how much time and money this could save in an organisation with multiple offices, home and flexible workplaces and locations. If on average each user could close off two issues per assessment this could potentially save hundreds of hours which would otherwise be wasted on risk assessment follow-ups. Hours that can be reinvested more productively elsewhere in the organisation.

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