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How e-Learning is Taking Over Business Training

Posted by David Jones

e-Learning is taking over the business training industry as more and more companies are taking advantage of the many benefits it provides. When you’re running a business, it’s essential that your staff is fully trained and they’re able to complete the job in an efficient manner, while also balancing that with your business being profitable and successful. Although e-Learning will not make your business instantly successful, it’s part of the building blocks of any global business.

Today, we’ll discuss why e-Learning is gaining immense popularity in the business world and how you can take advantage of that.


Everybody is different when it comes to learning, some prefer a more hands-on approach, others take in large amounts of information all at once and some take their time.

With traditional full-day courses that sometimes take many days or a week, it’s hard to adapt to every person on that course. Meaning that some of your employees will walk away from that course with nothing learned, all while you’ve paid quite a lot of money for them to attend.

e-Learning is being ingrained into company training structure all over the globe partly because of this very reason. Its adaptability is unmatched compared to traditional training methods and with the constant fine-tuning of e-Learning courses, it’ll only get better.

Every member of your staff that starts the course, regardless of the topic, is able to complete it at their own pace, in a safe environment of their choosing on any device that they are familiar with. This is how you get a well trained, efficient staff, by not forcing them to learn one specific way.

Cost Efficiency

Along with it being highly adaptive and flexible, e-Learning is also far cheaper than alternatives. When it comes to deciding on employee training courses and days out, the cost is always going to be a factor. Whether you’re the owner of a fresh new startup or a veteran company that’s been in the industry for 10 plus years, finding cheaper alternatives without harming the level of education is at the top of your list.

e-Learning provided by Praxis42 costs as little as £25 per person and is available straight away. Value that just can’t be found elsewhere, especially when comparing to expensive multiple training days.

Get in contact with us today and one of our specialists will speak to you about what we have to offer!  

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