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Is self authored or cheap compliance training the answer?

Posted by Tracy Seward

Using and creating health and safety e Learning courses has become more acceptable and accessible to more organisations than ever before. Thanks to offshore development and other authoring tools it’s possible to put content together quickly and publish it. And with health and safety training such a ready fit for delivery via e-Learning, it comes as no surprise that new entrants are appearing in this marketplace. There’s a flood of cheap content out there, so this must be great news for health, safety and environment training and safety department’s right? After all, budgets are being squeezed and if there’s some cheap eLearning out then surely the best thing to do is grab it with both hands?

Well, let’s hold on and back things up a minute. Online training has been with us for over a decade now. Most people have probably been subjected to at least one unimaginative, second rate and poorly designed compliance course at some point. Maybe even a library full. The world doesn’t need any duller health and safety e-Learning. People have had their patience tested to the limit already and things have moved on from the old days of click-through health and safety CBT. What’s important to remember is that it takes underpinning health and safety knowledge from practitioners plus a flair for solid instructional and educational design to create something genuinely useful, engaging and memorable which changes behaviour. That’s often harder to do when a bargain basement price is the main consideration and the developer thinks they understand what is required to meet health and safety compliance or what people need to work safely.

Do any of these new entrants really understand health and safety or have the underpinning knowledge? Do they have a proven track record of impactful safety interventions that encourage behaviour change and healthier working with a holistic approach that incorporates more than just training? Who knows and it’s worth asking before buying.

Is this content delivered through a robust learning management system (LMS) that tracks and records trainees progress? Designing training courses is one thing, delivering it and keeping compliance records is something else again. Content delivered without some means of managing records and running meaningful reports and communicating with trainees is hardly worth rolling out.

It’s also worth checking what technical support is given and what happens when there are legislative changes and the course needs updating? A good health and safety e-learning course and LMS has the capacity to make a genuine difference – to tick compliance boxes, make more efficient use of health and safety resources and encourage healthier working. And it takes more than low cost or budget content to achieve this. Invest a little extra and don’t risk your reputation on selecting the wrong solution.

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