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Learn How to Be Legally Compliant with Work at Height Regulations

Posted by Tracy Seward

A working at height awareness course should be a mandatory requirement in the induction process and ongoing staff training if your employees work at height. A good training course will not only increase awareness but reduce risk and teach the importance of safe working practices. Training courses will teach employees about relevant legislation, such as the Work at Height Regulations 2005, in addition to other important pieces of health and safety guidance.

Employees should be taught about working at height; looking specifically at what it is and the different occupations that it can apply to. Depending on the work of the employee, there will be various risks associated with working at height. Training will assist in the identification of risks through the completion of a detailed risk assessment, designed for working at height. Once risks have been identified, you will be taught how to identify hazards while working at height and how to take action if these are identified.

The training may also cover topics such as how to use and inspect fall protection equipment as outlined under Regulation 12. It may also educate employees on how to check surfaces, rails and parapets to make sure that they are safe.

Benefits of working at height courses

One of the greatest advantages of working at height awareness course is that employees are equipped to deal with any eventuality. When working at height, there are so many things that could happen, and knowing what to do if something does occur could make all the difference. Only through good training will employees learn how to remain alert as they carry out their duties, being able to quickly identify and respond to risks. In addition, an effective training course will allow employees to quickly identify risk and effectively implement best practice so that it becomes second nature to them when they are working at height.

Working at height training should be delivered on an ongoing basis so new equipment, changes in the industry and developments can be incorporated into periodic updates. When something changes in the workplace, whether this is the introduction of a new system, employees working on new projects or different practices or routines being introduced, employees should have the skills to identify risks and develop new working practices to reduce or eliminate them. In addition, good training will allow employees to learn how to recognise new risks as they become apparent over time.

Training can also bring about greater consistency. When teams are all using the same procedures, the likelihood of an accident occurring is greatly reduced. A working at height awareness course will prepare employees for their work and create a safety-conscious workforce.

To understand more about how working at height awareness course could benefit you and your business, contact us today to get started.

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