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Lighting for Health & Safety

Posted by Tim McGunigle - Health and Safety Adviser

The 28th January marks the anniversary of the switching on the first Gas Light on Pall Mall, London in 1807….HOLY SHMOLLY….I can’t begin to think of how we lit our way before that and although the whole gas lighting thing sounds very scary, we have certainly come a long way to the lighting luxuries of today.

Poor lighting in the workplace can affect the quality of work in all areas, and more specifically where precision is required, as well as affecting overall productivity. Poor lighting, which includes too much or too little, can cause tremendous strain on the eyes and lead to headaches and migraines.


Quite simply, proper lighting makes all work tasks easier…aint that the truth!!

Have you ever worked in an office where the strip lights are so bright you find yourself screwing your eyes almost to the point of full closure just for some respite, or working in a dark corner on the factory shop floor where you find yourself second judging what you think you may have seen on the production line in the first instance…?? Exactly, appropriate lighting can prevent so many workplace accidents by simply being appropriate for the task in hand.

Other common health effects linked to poor lighting may include:-

neck, back and shoulder strain from trying to see clearly

slips trips and falls

– dropping materials and equipment

– Mental Health issues and depression may also become a factor

There are several tips which can be observed around the workplace, in particular around the office:-

  • Know where your computer is best positioned
  • Be aware of the sunlight and the possible need for window blinds
  • Ensure the screen brightness is adjusted to the best level to suit you
  • Know when screens can be used to filter out blue light
  • Have the minimal amount of strip fluorescent lighting

For more information, help and advice on ensuring the right working conditions for you or your organisation take a look at our eLearning and training library of courses.


Tim McGunigle - Health and Safety Adviser

Tim is one of our Health and Safety Advisers based in the north of England, he has been with Praxis almost 10 years now, he has a wealth of knowledge and specialises in Asbestos and Fire risk Assessments.

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