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Meet the Team: Judy Sparrow – Content Development Manager

Posted by Tracy Seward

Why did you want to work for Praxis42?

It was perfect timing really as I had just started looking for a new job when Praxis42 advertised for an eLearning Developer. It was a new role for the company, and I loved the idea of developing the role as I went. I felt right at home here from the beginning of my interview, so luckily, they offered me the job or that would have been a bit awkward!

What led you to work within eLearning?

I started my career in HR, which wasn’t really the best fit for me, so after a few years I ended up moving internally to the Technology Enhanced Learning department, which meant helping the teachers to create courses to support their teaching, which I absolutely loved. Sadly, the college made me redundant, so I moved to the private sector and gradually picked up more and more eLearning experience, as this was the closest thing that existed to my previous role.

What do you think the future of eLearning holds?

It’s not so much future technology, as it’s very much current, but I think learning will become more and more immersive in the future and the use of augmented (AR) and virtual (VR) reality will be commonplace. I also think the ability to do training anywhere, on any device is only going to be more important as we surround ourselves with technology more and more.

What are your favourite parts of your job?

I genuinely enjoy designing training, so I love most of my job. Since I’ve moved into the Content Development Manager role, I’ve loved taking on the management of the work and love controlling everything like a puppeteer. I also love the days that Jodie brings in baked goods.

Most memorable work moment?

My favourite ever work day was when Tom brought his kittens into the office. Office cats should be mandatory in my opinion, and I will be writing to my MP about this once I have finished these questions.

Worst ever work experience?

My most embarrassing moment was when I got up from my chair and my colleague pointed out that the zip up the back of my trousers had given way and my underwear was showing. Luckily, I didn’t need to leave the office, but I did end up spending the day with a jumper tied round my waist!

What’s your typical day?

The start to my usual working day involves getting up, keeping my daughter entertained whilst I get ready, wrestling her into her car seat and dropping her off at nursery opposite the office.

We start every day with a team meeting, then I get on with whatever project we have going on. I’m a weirdo, so I don’t drink tea or coffee, instead I drink far too much fizzy water and the occasional Coke when I need a caffeine boost.

As my work can be quite fiddly, I usually listen to some music when I need to concentrate – at the moment I am OBSESSED with the Hamilton soundtrack. I work compressed hours, which means my day finishes quite late, so I pick up my daughter and take her home to play for a bit before bed. It makes the days long, but it means that I get to have a mummy/daughter day every week, which we spend going to classes (she has a better social life than me!), visiting the zoo/farm or playing at home.

What is you Plan B? (what would you do if you weren’t doing this?)

To win the lottery! (Well, I guess that’s plan A which makes this plan B).

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