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Meet the Team: Julie Taylor – Adviser

Posted by Tracy Seward

Why did you want to work for Praxis42?

Praxis42 are gaining a very good reputation within the Health and Safety industry. IOSH colleagues have mentioned Praxis42 in conversations and the general consensus of opinion is that they are a good employer with a good set of professional people working for them.  I wanted to be part of that.

What do you think the future of eLearning holds?

It makes learning accessible to everyone.  Sometimes employers, or even employees themselves, aren’t happy to attend a face-to-face learning course in an unfamiliar establishment.  It makes them nervous and self-conscious.  eLearning is like Garlic Bread – it’s the future.

What are your favourite parts of your job?

I love meeting new people on a daily basis.  I enjoy the challenge of going into a Company, learning what they do, how they do it, why they do it, giving them relevant advice, hopefully helping them to make a difference, and ultimately ensuring that work situations become healthier and safer for all concerned.

Most memorable work moment?

Being told by a client – “I’ve learned more from you in the last 2 hours than I’ve learned in the past 3 years”.

Worst ever work experience?

A head chef glaring at me and threatening to “slit my gizzards” because I told him his hygiene procedures were not up to standard.  I don’t really know what gizzards are, but I was fairly sure I didn’t want them slitting!

What’s your typical day?

5.30 am wake up, feed the cat, (Mistle, she’s now 14 years old and just likes to lay around all day unless she is eating), change the litter tray, take the dog out, give him breakfast when we return (Lobo, a 4-year-old German Shepherd with ADHD!!).

Put the kettle on, cup of tea, toast and butter (jam too if I’m in an extravagant mood), then the face routine, cleanse-tone-moisturise (it’s what we oldies need to do), then get dressed. Monday to Friday it’s work.  Out doing audits, then back into the home office to produce the reports.

Weekend – get the groceries in on Saturday morning, do some ironing if I really really have to, vacuum the carpets, put a load of washing in, just the normal hum drum stuff.  Usually go out for a meal with the other half on Saturday evening.

Sunday is me time.  I’m a very amateur geologist.  So, I go out and collect rocks. Yup, I’m a rock chick ha ha, just the anorak type not the glamorous type. I have boxes of rocks, pebbles, stones and shells that I keep meaning to categorise but never get round to it.

Sunday evening is my time for just relaxing.  If it’s nice I’ll sit out in the back yard with Cara Hunter or Elly Griffiths (fav authors), otherwise it’s watching re-runs of Benidorm / Only Fools and Horses / Alan Partridge / anything funny.  So that’s me in a nutshell, I just haven’t categorised which nutshell yet.

What is you Plan B? (what would you do if you weren’t doing this?)

Win the lottery, visit every lighthouse in the UK. Yes, I’m an anorak.

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