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Meet the Team: Sophie Earland – Client Account Manager

Posted by Tracy Seward

Why did you want to work for Praxis42?

I was ready for a new challenge after working in the insurance sector for 8 years. I saw the job at Praxis42 described as a hybrid role in brokers engagement and promoting an eLearning platform. So, I thought I could take my insurance experience and take on a new sector within risk management.

What led you to work within eLearning?

This is my first role in this industry, but I am enjoying learning new things every day!

What do you think the future of eLearning holds?

With the recent events and companies adapting to working from home, I can only see eLearning becoming the norm. It allows organisations to manage and tailor their own risk management online.

What are your favourite parts of your job?

My role is to manage a new partnership with Hiscox, to promote a bespoke eLearning platform to large amount of their policyholders. With this role my day can consist of various aspects, from managing the platform itself to ensuring I am reaching out to a broker network and furthering the offering with their clients.

Most memorable work moment?

We had a charity event, in which I was included within the boating activity, which I assumed meant a normal boat. But instead, it was a RIB, I turned up with 2 cans of G&T and no waterproofs. Three hours later, I was soaked through and not even the G&T’s helped! It was great fun and a one-off experience.

Worst ever work experience?

My second day at my previous employment was a memorable experience, I went to drive in and locked myself out the house without car keys, just my purse, phone, and a cappuccino in a travel mug! Luckily, I managed to call a taxi and jump on the train, then had to do it all over again after I had finished. I was a very expensive second day!

What’s your typical day?

I wish my typical day consisted of champagne and smoked salmon followed by a daily Swedish massage…. but unfortunately, not that exciting! Usually woken up by the cats at an early hour, I then start the day with a strong coffee.

What is you Plan B? (what would you do if you weren’t doing this?)

At college I took a Uniformed Public Services Dip and then a Criminology Dip over lockdown (to keep myself busy), so probably work within the Public sector.

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