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The Benefits of Our IOSH Asbestos Awareness Course

Posted by Mike Stevens

Silent, effective and unmistakably deadly, asbestos remains a killer in the modern workplace. The
latest figures from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) show that approximately 5000 people die
in the UK every year due to asbestos-related diseases, with mesothelioma accounting for just over
half of these in 2016.

Despite being completely banned back in November 1999, asbestos is still the number one cause of
work-related deaths almost 20 years later. Of course, most of these deaths are due to past asbestos
exposure, when construction, related trades and industrial workers were exposed due to poor
management control and awareness.

However, the threat of asbestos containing materials (ACMs) remains a real danger for workers
today, since it can still be found in buildings constructed before the official ban and also within plant
and equipment. The main risk now is repeated accidental exposures to ACMs by workers involved in
construction, maintenance and related work in premises where ACMs may have not been detected
or the Duty Holders have poorly implemented their Asbestos Management Plans. Fortunately,
through our Asbestos Awareness course, your organisation can minimise the risks involved with
accidental exposures or failing to manage ACMs by ensuring those that need to be aware better
understand what their responsibilities are, where ACMs might be found and how to manage them.

Dangers of Asbestos

Exposure to ACMs can lead to lung cancer, asbestosis, mesothelioma and all kinds of other serious
lung diseases. Unfortunately, these illnesses often prove to be fatal, while 94% of all mesothelioma
cases are a direct result of asbestos exposure, meaning that they could have been avoided had the
necessary safety procedures and management controls been followed.
Our Asbestos Awareness course ensures that those at risk or with management responsibilities are
fully aware of the dangers involved with asbestos, helping them to identify any safety hazards and
reducing the risk of them becoming exposed or exposing others who may work on the fabric of the
building or plant and equipment.

Comply with Asbestos Regulations

Under the Control of Asbestos Regulations, 2012 and ‘Managing and working with asbestos’
Approved Code of Practice and guidance L143, asbestos training is no longer a choice, and your
organisation has a legal requirement to deliver this training to all employees likely to encounter
asbestos at work. By purchasing our online course, you can make absolutely sure that these workers
are receiving the information they require, helping them to remain safe in the workplace and
fulfilling your legal obligations.

Encourage Safe Working Practises

In addition to highlighting the potential dangers, our IOSH Approved and IATP eLearning course
shows employees how to manage these risks effectively. By teaching workers how to react should
they encounter ACMs at work, our course encourages employees to follow safe working practises,
while also reassuring them as to how seriously your organisation considers their health and safety.
The primary aim of the course is to prevent accidental exposure to ACMs and ensure workers can
always operate safely and you organisation meet the duty to manage ACMs . Since more than

90,000 people die worldwide from asbestos-related diseases every year, the safety of these
employees should certainly be one of your organisation’s top priorities.

High-Quality Training

The Praxis42 Asbestos Awareness course is efficient, convenient and, more importantly, provides
training of the absolute highest quality having been developed by Chartered Health and Safety
Practitioners. Delivered completely online, our course reduces the costs typically involved with
asbestos training and allows employees to complete the training at their own pace; ensuring that
they can truly absorb the information they need to do their jobs safely.

The course has been developed by some of the most experienced health and safety professionals in
the country, while it also boasts IOSH, IATP and CPD accreditation. The quality of our asbestos
training course remains completely unrivalled, providing a certificate to employees who successfully
pass the end assessment.

Once an employee has this certificate, this proves that they have completed a syllabus set out



Mike Stevens

Mike was one of the founders of Praxis42 back in 2001 and is a Chartered Health and Safety Practitioner with expertise in the development of management systems in complex organisation. Experience gained internationally with Mercury Communications, Cable Wireless and before that at RoSPA. Mike focuses on the Consultancy side of the business working with our clients to enable them to establish targets, objectives and metrics that help them meet their compliance and governance obligations.

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