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Prevent Lost Time and Money with Health and Safety Awareness Courses

Posted by Tracy Seward

If you are a business owner who really takes the wellbeing of your employees seriously, investing in training to increase health and safety awareness is vital. More and more businesses are turning to eLearning over classroom-based learning because of the benefits that it can bring. There are many advantages to offering a streamlined solution to help you deliver safety training.


In today’s Praxis42 blog, we’ll discuss how we can prevent losing time and money by utilising Health and Safety Awareness courses!


Many of the world’s largest organisations now rely on eLearning to deliver training to their employees. One of the main reasons is that technology has advanced substantially, and interactive, engaging eLearning material can be delivered to a vast number of employees without them having to be in the same location at the same time to access the training.


Although classroom learning does have its advantages, the environment can be distracting, and attention levels can disappear. With an online learning course, students remain engaged for longer, focused on completing their course and retaining what they are reading or working through with minimal distraction. Even for the most uninspiring subject, eLearning is a new and exciting way of delivering training. Techniques such as quizzes, drag and drop interactivity, spot the difference and case studies are just some of the ways in which eLearning has the edge over traditional classroom learning.


With learning in the classroom employers may have to send their staff off-site to complete training which could result in them being away from work for many hours or even days.


eLearning investment is one of the easiest and most effective ways of ensuring that your workforce is compliant with health and safety policies, procedures and standards.


Health and safety awareness training delivered through eLearning can significantly reduce costs by reducing travel expenses, saving on printed training materials and making the required cost efficiencies because you don’t have to appoint a dedicated health and safety trainer. Once the content for the course has been created and implemented to your Learning Management System it can be accessed an unlimited number of times.


One of the key advantages of online learning is the potential for training to be delivered quickly. eLearning reduces the time taken to complete training and allows employees to study at their own pace.


As an employer, you have greater control over what content employees will study. By using a learner management system, you can track progress and receive reports on performance. Furthermore, online courses can be customised to suit the needs of a specific business or department and you can include additional resources, materials or activities to ensure that learners are really getting the most from their eLearning experience.

Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you prevent losing time and money due to health and safety issues!

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