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Recent report shows public need training in conflict management

Posted by Tracy Seward

A Report by the RSA (Royal Society of Arts) suggests that members of the public should be given training in how to deal with anti-social behaviour including how to diffuse conflict. According to the report, this need has become more urgent following the police cuts in England and Wales.

The RSA, a charity who aims include trying to find “solutions to social challenges” say that last year’s riots “laid bare both the risks and strengths of self-organised citizen defence”. It goes on to say that there is, in fact, a growing interest in the idea of training the public in how to deal with aggressive behaviour and low-level crime on the streets.

According to the RSA, the training should include:

  • Self-protection and restraint – what physical steps to take to minimise the risk to oneself
  • How to “read” a situation – when to walk on by, when it’s safe to intervene or when to call the police
  • Conflict resolution and mediation – how to defuse an argument, forge an agreement and, where appropriate, give an apology

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