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A review of taxonomy for health and safety training

Posted by Tracy Seward

Our Customer Service Director Mike Stevens looks at A 3 step taxonomy for health and safety training –  adequacy, competency, capability.


In this article Mike looks at the best way for companies to ensure their employees are not only adequately trained for the tasks that they undertake at work, but how you can be certain that your workforce is engaged with the training requirement and signed up to the necessity for it.

Based on the risk profile, and potential emergencies, you should consult with them about their comfort level.

  • How do they feel about the risks of the job they do?
  • What are their strengths and weaknesses?
  • What opportunities and threats do they face?
  • Do they feel they have the tools and skills to cope with the reality of the risks they face?
  • Career-wise, have they reached a stage where they could supervise someone else and pass on knowledge?
  • Of all the learning they have had, which is “lifelong”, and, conversely, which will diminish without practice?

It is important for companies going forward that they don’t just tick the compliance box by simply enforcing training, but rather engaging with the workforce to decide with them what they need to ensure a capable, competent and successful business.

The best organisations and employers will not only be confident through audit and assessment that they have a full complement of competent employees they will also be verifying that they have employees who are up to the existing health and safety challenges and prepared for new ones. They won’t be waiting around for enforcement to determine what is required.

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