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Safe Bonfire Night Preparations

Posted by Tracy Seward

November the 5th will see celebratory gatherings up and down the country for Guy Fawkes Night. Looking back to 1605, following the failed Gunpowder Plot where a group of English Catholics attempted to assassinate the Protestant King, James I by blowing up the Houses of Parliament, the King’s Council agreed that the public should celebrate the King’s survival with Bonfires. This public celebration was however under one condition, that they were conducted without “Danger or Disorder”. That sentiment carries through to today where event organisers strive to make each firework display and bonfire event as safe and enjoyable as possible. Events range from small gatherings in back gardens to large gatherings that attract crowds in the thousands. There are a few principles that should be considered when organising Bonfire or Fireworks display events that will aid safe running of the night. Praxis42 are pleased to help you prepare for your event with a free guidance document and risk assessment template. To download your FREE Fireworks and Bonfire Guidance Document and the FREE Fireworks and Bonfires Risk Assessment please use the links below.

FREE – Fireworks and Bonfires Guidance 2014 PDF

FREE – Firework and Bonfire Risk Assessment 2014 PDF

You should obviously consider the scale of the event being planned, deleting any actions that are not applicable and adding in any that are specific to the location. Have a fun, safe night! From the Team at Praxis42 – Making compliance easy 0870 4464201 info@praxis42.com

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