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Stressful times for workers – Good management is key

Posted by Tracy Seward

Times are tough for employees in every industry sector. It’s hard to escape the constant barrage of bad news – job losses, redundancies, problems in the Eurozone. The threat of double-dip recession hangs in the air. The cost of living is rising, inflation hovers around 5%, while wages remain frozen. These are difficult times for workers and their families. No wonder people are worried. These worries can lead to a feeling of not being able to cope, which in turn can lead to stress.

Stress is a difficult area for organisations to get a handle on, but with so much for employees to contend with right now, good management is essential. It manifests itself in different ways. Absenteeism or alcohol and drug misuse are common coping mechanisms.

Stress takes its toll on performance as well. Worry and pressure can make accidents more likely and increase the likelihood of stress-related illness. Stress can also result in poor decision making with disastrous consequences, for the organisation, the individual and those around them.

So what to do? Managing stress is a complex issue. There’s no quick win or easy fix. However, if senior management is serious about making a difference to employee wellbeing then it is possible to make progress towards making the workplace a more effective and supportive place, which is good for employees and good for business.

Stress Awareness training is a great starting point. An eLearning stress awareness course for managers can help them recognise the signs and symptoms in others and the management interventions that will help their teams when they are dealing with pressure or coping with stress.

An eLearning stress awareness course for employees will help them understand the difference between pressure and stress, recognise signs and symptoms in themselves and others and what they can do to help themselves. It’s a great starting point and can support an organisation’s ongoing wellbeing programme.

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