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The Benefits of Health and Safety eLearning

Posted by Ian Bolton

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In the UK, all organisations have a statutory obligation to train and educate their employees on workplace health and safety. Doing so is intended to guarantee that everyone can work in a safe manner, and has the knowledge needed to recognise common hazards in their place of work.

While providing training isn’t optional, what organisations can choose is how they deliver training to their employees. Training days have traditionally been the most popular choice, but as our growing list of clients proves, this is no longer the case, with many organisations now choosing our high-quality online health and safety courses. The popularity of eLearning courses can be attributed to the numerous benefits that come with deploying health and safety courses through an online platform. 

Training Can Be Rolled Out on Demand

One of the most obvious benefits of eLearning is that due to its online nature it can be rolled out on-demand to employees, anywhere, at any time. From retraining to ensuring that any new hires are fully trained on relevant health and safety issues, eLearning allows organisations to take full control of when they choose to deploy the training to their employees.

Employees Can Complete The Courses at Their Own Convenience

Unlike traditional training days, eLearning allows individuals to complete courses as and when they choose to do so. By removing the need for training to be completed at a set time and place, you can increase employee uptake of the training, as a busy schedule or unavailability on a set date no longer become an issue. Instead, employees can complete the training from the comfort of their own workstation at a time of their choosing. 

Online Courses Are Often More Engaging 

Engagement is crucial when it comes to health and safety training because it helps to create long-term behaviour change within an organisation. Here at Praxis42, our expert team has worked hard to create a diverse range of eLearning courses which has earned us our reputation for delivering high-quality online training. To ensure that everyone who completes a Praxis42 health and safety course has engaged with the information provided, each course concludes with an assessment as the final step, which will test individuals on their new knowledge. 

It Takes the Hassle Out of Your Record Keeping

Spotless recording keeping is crucial for any business. Should you ever be audited, then you will likely need to provide evidence that all your employees are trained in the relevant areas of health and safety, as well as proving that everyone’s training is still valid and in date. 

eLearning courses are the most convenient form of health and safety training in terms of record-keeping, as they allow you to easily track the progress of your employees. At Praxis42 this is achieved through our eSolutions Platform which records all of the training that your employees have completed, ensuring that your compliance records are always up to date and easy to access should you be subjected to an audit.



Ian Bolton

Ian is our UK Corporate Sales Manager and has been looking after new business at Praxis42 since October 2016. He has a background in Compliance and Training having previously worked for the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health. His speciality is supporting clients to onboard or replace eLearning, as well as other training and compliance services that Praxis42 offer. Since being in role Ian completed his NEBOSH General Certificate and Advanced Food Safety.

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