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The results of our recent study into the benefits of DSE eLearning

Posted by Tracy Seward

We recently commissioned Towards Maturity to undertake a study into how training affects behaviour in low-risk environments. The study found that, after completing e-learning training, six out of ten workstation users made changes to their method of working, their workstations, or their immediate environment.

The study followed the introduction of our Display Screen Equipment (DSE) and User Workplace Assessment solution at information services firm ATOS, for whom 90% of employees are reported to use workstations for more than 80% of their time.

The online survey investigated the views of managers, DSE assessors and learners themselves. According to the study, 35% of managers said their teams had changed the way they worked, and 70% of them were confident their teams would adopt safe working practices after completing the e-learning and online workplace assessment.

As a result of the training, 90% of DSE assessors were satisfied that employees knew how to work safely with workstations; 67% had observed changes in working practices, and 89% felt user workplace assessments were beneficial to the business.

The survey also found that:

  • 38% of learners felt changes they made as a result of training were beneficial to them;
  • 24%of learners felt they were more productive as a result of these changes;
  • 15% of managers felt their teams were more productive;
  • 33%of DSE assessors observed an improvement in  work effectiveness; and
  • 31% of managers agreed there was a reduction in the probability of employees being absent following training.

The case study supports our belief that online training interventions form an important part of any organisation’s Health and Safety culture.

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