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The Value of IOSH Managing Safely Courses

Posted by Mike Stevens – Client Service Director

Health and safety in the workplace is a serious issue and one that requires commitment from the managerial team in order to ensure compliance. Supervisors, team leaders, and managers all have a responsibility to manage safely and to be competent, but in order to do so, they must first be trained on what those responsibilities actually are.

The value of an IOSH Managing Safely course goes beyond simply educating team members though. By completing our IOSH Managing Safely eLearning course, members of your management team will have competence and capability to better manage risk associated with the employees they oversee, effectively setting the standards for good health and safety in the workplace.

Why Complete an IOSH Managing Safely Course 

There are a number of reasons why completing an IOSH Managing Safely course will be beneficial to your managers as well as the organisation itself. Then there is also the issue of what can happen should managers not be trained on how to carry out their health and safety responsibilities. From cases of employees suffering burns to those suffering an injury after falling from a height, The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) often highlights just how much can go wrong when senior employees aren’t given the skills and knowledge to safely manage.  

Better Control and Management of Hazards

Often, the reason why managers do not fulfil their legal duties when it comes to health and safety issues it is because they simply lack the knowledge needed to do so. By completing an IOSH Managing Safely course, managers will gain the skills and insights they need to not only safely manage employees but also to gain a better understanding of the hazards and risks in the workplace, and how to efficiently deal with these through a five step risk assessment approach.

Fewer Absences and Increased Productivity 

By helping members of the management team fully understand workplace wellbeing, health and safety, IOSH Managing Safely courses can help an organisation to significantly reduced absences which occurred through a workplace injury or as the result of an ill-health. By providing managers with the tools and knowledge required to manage. With HSE report that 1.4 million workers suffered from ill-health relating to their job in 2017/2018, properly training managers on wellbeing and health and safety issues could make a significant difference to employee productivity, absence rates, and the associated costs.   

As a result of lowering the absence rate by managing safely, overall productivity in an organisation can also be improved. This is because there will be fewer cases of employee illnesses and injuries to account for, which will result in fewer absences and also work to boost team morale.  

To find out more about our IOSH Managing Safely Course, get in touch today and learn how you can improve health and safety in your own organisation today.


Mike Stevens – Client Service Director

Mike was one of the founders of Praxis42 back in 2001 and is a Chartered Health and Safety Practitioner with expertise in the development of management systems in complex organisation. Experience gained internationally with Mercury Communications, Cable Wireless and before that at RoSPA. Mike focuses on the Consultancy side of the business working with our clients to enable them to establish targets, objectives and metrics that help them meet their compliance and governance obligations.

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