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Top 5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs e-Learning

Posted by David Jones

If you’ve not made the switch to e-Learning yet then you’re lagging behind the competition! Businesses around the UK are taking advantage of the many benefits e-Learning provides and if you don’t jump on board too, you’re not providing your staff with the tools to do their job at 100%.

In today’s blog, we bring you the top 5 reasons why e-learning is the way to go for any business, whether for essential safety training or a course to further the knowledge of your staff.


Compliance is especially difficult for start-up businesses. Non-compliance is usually down to lack of awareness and many startups fail because of it. That’s why training your staff to stay compliant is vital.

Online compliance training, such as our Health and Safety Compliance Audit and our variety of awareness e-Learning courses have regularly updated rules and regulations so that you never miss an important step.


When business is rolling and the days seem to fly by, training can often take a back seat. Successful businesses find a way to keep the training flowing all while working at an efficient level. By building employee engagement, new skills can be developed, resulting in a much more efficient workforce.

Training your employees on business processes is a simple step with e-Learning, and cheap too.


When looking at taking on new processes and methods, the main focus will be on the cost to your business. e-Learning courses from Praxis42 cost as little as £25 per person and are instantly available, excellent for small businesses when the funding may not be there for an extensive week-long course for all of your staff.


Keeping energy levels topped up and motivation high is difficult, especially in startup businesses where employees often have to put in extensive hours to make the company a success. e-Learning provides an avenue to raise motivation levels and boost employee retention. Your employees are your lifeforce and it’s essential you do everything possible to keep them, offering e-learning shows that you value them and their personal progression.


Adapting is how your business survives the turbulent first year as a startup, it’s essential to stay on your toes and adapt to the current market so that you don’t fall behind. e-Learning is an excellent way to do this, keeping you and your employees up to date with the current procedures and allowing your employees to personally grow, will contribute to the company’s overall success.

Get in touch with us today to see how we can offer expert e-Learning courses for as little as £25 per person!

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