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Understanding How to Adhere to Health and Safety in the Workplace

Posted by Libby Summers – Account Manager

Regardless of the industry, you work in, accidents can always happen. Whether they’re working on a construction site, handling heavy machinery or sitting at a desk all day, employees are constantly exposed to certain risks and dangers in the workplace.

It’s now a legal requirement for all businesses to provide employees with full health and safety training; ensuring staff members are fully aware of how to follow safe practises and why these procedures are so important. A failure to provide this training, or to carry out adequate risk assessments, is a criminal offence, which is one of the many reasons it’s now so important to ensure all employees understand how to adhere to workplace health and safety.


The Importance of Health and Safety

According to figures from HSE, in the last year, there have been 144 deaths and 555,000 injuries in the workplace, resulting in 30.7 million lost working days and a cost of £15 billion. High absence rates inevitably cost businesses money and hamper productivity, while poor health and safety policies significantly increase the risk of accidents happening and employees having to take time off work.

It’s important for all businesses to develop strong policies and procedures around health and safety; raising awareness of workplace hazards will significantly reduce the risk of illness or injury, which will ultimately improve absenteeism rates. More importantly, these procedures ensure all staff members can do their jobs in a safe, secure environment.


The Legal Requirements

Under the Health and Safety at Work Act, 1974, businesses have a legal obligation to minimise workplace hazards and ensure the protection of their employees. As an employer, you have a responsibility to carry out effective risk assessments, set up safe working practises and flag up potential workplace hazards.

While employees also have their own health and safety responsibilities, the employer is accountable for ensuring that they’re aware of what these responsibilities are and how they can carry them out. Businesses must also provide adequate first aid facilities, protective clothing, set up emergency plans and notify employees of any factors affecting their well-being.

Poor health and safety procedures won’t just result in higher absence rates and a loss of productivity, because any obvious negligence could also result in prosecution, hefty fines and even a prison sentence.


The Benefits of a Health and Safety Awareness Course

Our Health and Safety Awareness course will provide all employees with a basic understanding of why it’s so important to follow the procedures and policies you’ve put in place. The course will also help them better understand their own responsibilities, recognise workplace hazards and create a much safer working environment for your business.

By providing them with the key information they require, our course greatly reduces the risk of an employee having an accident in the workplace and also ensures you’re fulfilling all of your legal obligations. When you’re maintaining such a safe and secure environment, you could even enjoy reduced insurance premiums, increased productivity and a boost to the reputation of your company.

To learn more about how our health and safety training courses could benefit your business, contact us today and speak to a dedicated member of our team.


Libby Summers – Account Manager

Libby is based at our head office and is our Corporate Account Manager within the eLearning team. She found her calling in Health and Safety after falling and breaking her back! Libby works with and supports our larger clients with all of their eLearning requirements.

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