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Utilising eLearning for Health and Safety eLearning

Posted by Tracy Seward

If you run a business, you have an obligation to provide a safe working environment for your employees. Part of this duty will require you to provide health and safety training specific to the workplace. For office workers this would be adequate DSE training; for industrial staff it may be awareness sessions such as manual handling, asbestos awareness or PPE for example. One of the most important elements of health and safety is Personal Protective Equipment. Health and safety eLearning will explore PPE in many different industries from healthcare and hospitality to construction and engineering.

When you need to deliver a health and safety course such as PPE to your employees how do you train your employees in the correct use of this equipment and raise their awareness of using the equipment properly? Online learning can be an excellent way to achieve these objectives.

Most of the time when businesses deliver health and safety training, it is often delivered through classroom learning in one block, either a day, a workshop over a morning or for more involved industries a few days of training. However, classroom learning can be impractical for many reasons. It can be costly, resource intensive and very difficult to arrange staffing so that every employee who needs to complete the training is available to actually attend one of the sessions.

Health and safety eLearning removes all of these barriers and it can be a convenient and practical way for you to deliver training without taking your employees off site or away from their day to day work.

An eLearning course will provide you with the tools and resources to deliver staff training while making access to learning easier. Employees can log in to a dedicated Learning Management System, access the course and study in bite-size modules at a time and place that is convenient for them. There is no need for you to find huge venues or hire trainers or lecturers to deliver your materials, with online training you can save a significant amount of time and resources not to mention reduce disruption to employee schedules.

A good online learning experience will engage, inspire and encourage staff to put into practice what they have learned. Using a variety of techniques such as gamification, interactivity, quizzes and online activities, employees are more likely to engage and retain the information that they are being taught.

It is no longer seen as good practice to take employees away from their work and ask them to sit through hour after hour of talks or tackle lengthy workbooks. An online course can be tailored to staff, so the training is highly relevant to their everyday tasks and job description.

Delivering health and safety eLearning will ensure that your employees are not only properly trained and engaged with their learning, but it will significantly reduce the risk of injury, accident or hazards in your business.

Good investment in health and safety training can substantially reduce the likelihood of accidents, illness, and injury. eLearning makes safety a top priority and it demonstrates your commitment as an employer to the health, safety, and well-being of your staff.


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