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What Sets Praxis42 Apart from the Rest?

Posted by Tom Paxman

Nothing is more important than the health and safety of your employees. The latest figures from HSE show that 1.4 million people suffered from a work-related illness last year, resulting in well over 30 million lost working days and, most alarmingly of all, 144 deaths in the workplace. Unfortunately, accidents can always happen.

Whether your organisation operates in a modern office environment or a busy construction site, every employer on the planet has an obligation to ensure the safety of their employees, visitors and customers. To fulfil these important responsibilities, you need to carry out “reasonably practicable” measures to minimise and control any apparent risks in the workplace, which involves the delivery of thorough health and safety training.

Due to the obvious importance of this training, only the very best will do. Praxis42 are the UK’s leading provider of health and safety eLearning courses, offering a range of learning programmes which focus on everything from stress awareness to handling conflict in the workplace. But what exactly sets us apart from other online training providers?

Expertise and Experience

Praxis42 has been delivering online training solutions for almost 20 years now, growing into a team of over 40 health and safety professionals dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers. We offer an unrivalled level of experience and expertise, delivering a range of courses which are suitable for organisations of all sizes.

This high level of knowledge and experience allows us to offer the very best health, safety and fire training ,  which teaches employees everything they need to know about working safely and securely. Additionally, this high pedigree is embedded throughout our organisation from top to bottom, ensuring customers always receive the best support and advice possible.

Our approachable team prides itself on providing a truly holistic approach, paying close attention to detail and offering training which meets the need of the ever-changing workplace.

High-Quality Courses

Due to our vast experience in the health and safety sector, Praxis42 delivers health and safety courses of the absolute highest quality. These courses address every major workplace safety concern, as we offer training on EMF and RF awareness, food safety, display screen equipment and just about everything else in between.

Our Health and Safety training boasts IOSH Approval and CPD accreditation. Courses bearing the IOSH stamp of approval are widely considered to be of the highest standard possible, with each course asking trainees to prove they’ve digested the information by completing an exam.

By choosing Praxis, you can ensure your employees are receiving the best health and safety training possible, regardless of whether they’re learning about fire safety or how to avoid slips, trips and falls.

Enviable Client Base

Since our founding back in 2001, Praxis42 has delivered health and safety training to some of the biggest organisations in the country, building up an enviable client base and an extensive collection of positive testimonials. From high street retailers to national media channels, we’ve become famous for our flexible and cost-effective training courses across a range of industries.

This kind of proven track record means you can always have confidence in the quality of our training courses, with our customer reviews serving as proof of our unrivalled service. If you’d like to learn more about what makes us stand out from the crowd, then contact our team today on 020 3011 4242!


Tom Paxman

Tom joined Praxis42 in 2004 and is a Director of the Business. His main area of focus is the eLearning side of the business, working with a team who look after hundreds of thousands of individual’s training needs, as well as working with some of our larger clients to ensure they are getting the most out of their eLearning and driving their business forward.

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