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Caesars Entertainment EMEA (Caesars) is an innovative entertainment business which forms part of the Caesars empire with its flagship operations in Las Vegas. It is committed to meeting its social responsibilities and compliance obligations with its business excellence, and has been recognised by the industry, winning European Casino Operator of the year, two years running.

Casinos are regulated and receive a high level of attention from various enforcers. As a result, compliance and assurance management is central to the operations of the business which is guided by a department led by the Group Compliance Director EMEA.

As part of a business improvement programme the approach of employing an internal fire, health and safety (FHS) resource was challenged and a different way of delivering compliance was sought.


Praxis42 were selected to undertake a review which involved working with the senior management team to understand what they wanted to achieve, how they could measure performance and how assurance could be achieved in a way that fitted the culture.

The outcome from the review was to take a fresh look at how FHS competent support could be provided by a business partner approach, developing into strategic support, working closely with the board of directors and governance team.

A new approach and selecting the right partner

The Praxis42 team proposed to Caesars an outsourced model, working through the Group Compliance Director. The dedicated resource would be provided and focus on the agreed deliverables supported by the expert management consulting team in Praxis42, who would be engaged as required to build the management system and compliance metrics.

Caesars selected Praxis42 on the basis of its experience of outsourcing, influencing leaders and the ability to offer both strategic and tactical support for the business. The leadership team has taken a long-term view, through a commitment to adequately resource the outsource programme and to achieve their compliance and assurance ambitions through adopting the ‘Managing for Health and Safety at Work’ approach. This has seen the development of a range of leading and lagging indicators which have been established for the senior management team to achieve and are incentivised along with other business measures. What is now evident in the business is that there is a ‘Tone from the top’ which is vital in FHS management and fits in well with all other aspects of compliance.

A biannual governance meeting with the senior leadership now includes FHS programme updates, achievement of metrics and future developments.

At a tactical level the focus for Praxis42 is on co-ordinating the deliverables and delivering support across the estate in what is referred to as the ‘Fix’ stage of the programme. This stage focuses on physical condition inspections, assessments, employee and union consultation, safety committee support, accident and incident investigations, liaison with enforcers and civil claims as well as working as part of the compliance team and with stakeholders.

A key stakeholder in the business is the Human Resources team where there is a joined-up approach to stress management and assessment. Working with the learning and development team we help to identify training needs and deliver a blended approach which includes IOSH Managing Safely, bespoke courses and IOSH approved eLearning through the Caesars learning management system.

Caesars selected Praxis42 on the basis of its experience of outsourcing, influencing leaders and the ability to offer both strategic and tactical support for the business.

An outsource model in compliance and assurance gives the business the opportunity to tap into a depth of competent resources which is not possible in a traditional in-house model.

It also offers the ability to flex up and down as required and provides the opportunity to gain insights and efficiencies that come from an established consultancy. The Praxis42 team are consummate professionals and are dedicated to Caesars success across the EMEA.

Group Compliance Director EMEA – Caesars EMEA

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