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Anti Bribery

Anti-Bribery eLearning Course

Course information


The Bribery Act 2010 came into effect in July 2011 with the aim to uphold the principles of free and fair competition in business and prevent organisations and their employees behaving improperly. As a consequence of this legislation, organisations need to take steps to address the risks of bribery and to demonstrate that they have implemented clear, practical bribery prevention policies and procedures.

Our Anti-Bribery eLearning Course is designed to ensure that your employees and those who work on your behalf are aware of the UK Bribery Act, how it affects them and how it can impact on current working practice.

Aims of the Course

Our Anti-Bribery eLearning Course aims to educate your employees about the Bribery Act 2010 and its offences. It will help your staff understand what bribery is, in what circumstances it can happen and how your organisations’ policies and procedures can help you avoid it.

Who is it for?

This course has been developed for all staff, in organisations across all sectors.

How is it Delivered?

Anti-Bribery eLearning can be delivered online or through a computer network to each trainee at their desktop or laptop. We can also provide the course to be integrated into a SCORM compliant LMS. The training can be completed at the employee’s own pace by “book marking” and recording progress and returning to the training at a later time.


An invaluable feature of Praxis42 eLearning modules is our learning management system called the eSP (eSolutions Platform). This solves the problem of compliance record keeping by recording completion of modules and making them available for you to view and manage electronically. No more struggling to find training records should you have a visit from the enforcing agency or an audit. Training certificates can be printed by the trainee once the course is completed and the end assessment successfully passed.

Course Duration

25 – 30 minutes

Course Summary

Our Anti-Bribery eLearning will help protect your organisation and its employees against incidents of bribery and corruption. Through interactive learning and real-life case studies and scenarios, it will outline what constitutes bribery and the impact and consequences of it for the individual and for the organisation.

Course contents

  • Introduction
  • The offences
  • Gifts and hospitality
  • Identifying risks
  • Your responsibilities
  • Assessment

Additional information

Anti Bribery Course Guide Download Pdf