The Construction Design and Management Regulations (CDM) have been in place for over a quarter of a century and have overtime reframed how construction activities are undertaken into a well-designed, planned, considered, risk-based management approach.

The regulations, approved code of practice and guidance provide a structure that Clients and Duty Holders can follow to ensure that construction projects are run successfully and reduce harm to workers and others who might be impacted otherwise.


‘CDM Awareness’ provides an overview into the main aspects of design and management that need to be considered in construction projects. At the end of the course learners will be able to:

  • define key terms used in CDM
  • recognise the need to appoint Duty Holders and what their roles are in construction projects
  • appreciate the principles of prevention and control
  • appreciate the importance of design, planning, gathering of information, the use of pre-qualifications and the purpose of the clients’ brief
  • understand the criteria for notifiable projects
  • understand the need to develop a pre-construction phase plan and implement it
  • appreciate that a health and safety file is required where there is a need to pass on safety critical information about the built structure or premises
  • recognise ‘Schedule 3 risks’
  • recognise the main components of a safe site including induction training and securing access


Clients and other Duty Holders who need an overview and awareness of CDM.


CDM Awareness can be delivered online or through a computer network to their desktop or laptop or a device. The training can be completed at the learner’s own pace by ‘book marking’ and recording progress and returning to the training at a later stage. In delivering the training in this way the normal costs of training are reduced whilst still achieving the desired awareness and compliance with the organisation’s legal responsibilities.


An invaluable feature of Praxis42 eLearning modules is our learning management system called SHINE. This solves the problem of compliance record keeping by recording completion of modules and making them available for you to view and manage electronically.


30 minutes course


CDM Awareness from Praxis42 helps Duty Holders and stakeholders better understand CDM in construction projects and the key elements of the process.


  1. Introduction and background
  2. What are the CDM Regulations
  3. Key Elements of CDM
  4. Duty holders’ responsibilities
  5. Notifiable Projects
  6. When does CDM apply?
  7. Planning
  8. Pre-Qualification Questionnaire
  9. The Client Brief
  10. Pre-Construction Information
  11. Construction Phase Plan
  12. Health and Safety File
  13. Safe Sites including, site organisation and induction, welfare facilities, vehicle movements, excavations and work underground, demolition, emergencies
  14. End Assessment
  15. Summary


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