Returning to work or to a workplace sounds simple but in the context of the most serious pandemic the world has ever experienced in recent times and a high risk virus that has the ability to transmit with ease, then ensuring everyone at work understands what is expected of them is essential and an employer’s legal responsibility to achieve. 


The aim of the course is to ensure that employees who are returning to work or to a workplace understand the precautions and controls that will be in place and must be adopted before and during their return and working day. At the end of the training trainees will be able to: 

  • Appreciate the diseases known signs and symptoms and what they are expected to do pre or post returning to work if they are experiencing them  
  • Understand that there has been a risk assessment undertaken and that there are controls, precautions, policies and procedures that must be followed 
  • Explain why distancing measures are needed and what they typically are and how they are achieved 
  • Appreciate that there are likely to be different arrangements relating to fire safety, first aid, emergency plans and business continuity 
  • Understand the personal hygiene measures required of employees and others 
  • Understand about personal protective equipment and how it is used 
  • Ensure that if the precautions and controls are not being achieved that the situation is reported 


The course has been developed for all levels of employees in an organisation who are returning to work or a workplace 


Return to Work COVID-19 Awareness can be delivered online or through a computer network to each trainee at their desktop or laptop or a device that has internet connectivity. The training can be completed at the employees own pace by ‘book marking’ and recording progress and returning to the training at a later stage. In delivering the training in this way the normal costs of training are reduced and of course it meets social distancing guidelines whilst still achieving the desired awareness and compliance with the organisation’s legal responsibilities. At the conclusion of the training the trainee will complete an end assessment.  


An invaluable feature of Praxis42 eLearning modules is our learning management system (LMS) called SHINE. This solves the problem of compliance record keeping by recording completion of the course and making them available for you to view and manage electronically. No more struggling to find training records should you have a visit from the enforcing agency or an audit. We can also provide the course to be integrated into a SCORM compliant LMS 


The course helps those returning to work or to a workplace ensure they understand what is expected of them in respect to COVID-19, preparing to return, distancing guidelines, workplace practices such as handwashing, the use of personal protective equipment and reporting  


  1. Introduction 
  2. Preparing to Return to Work 
  3. Distancing Measures 
  4. Workplace Practices 
  5. Personal Protective Equipment 
  6. Wellbeing & Homeworking
  7. End Assessment 

COVID-19 Return to work Awareness Course Guide Download Pdf

Technical Requirements

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