Does your organisation have employees that use display screen equipment in an office, while working at home or when going out to visit customers or clients? If so, then the Display Screen Equipment Regulations apply to your company. Does your organisation provide online DSE training and assessment to these employees? You should be aware that Regulation 6 of the Display Screen Equipment Regulations states that an employer must train every user in the hazards and safe use of workstations. If you are not training your employees, then you could be subject to an improvement notice, prosecution or an increased risk of a civil claim against the organisation. The provision of training is not a matter of choice or optional, it is an absolute requirement.

Aims of the Course

Display Screen Equipment online training from Praxis42 aims to help your organisation be legally compliant with the Display Screen Equipment Regulations. It’s designed to promote a culture within your organisation that encourages everyone to consider the risks associated with using display screen equipment, apply good ergonomic principles and adopt the correct work practices and postures.

Who is it for?

The online DSE training is aimed at all levels of employees who may use display screen equipment such as office personal computers, laptops and handheld devices. The module has been developed by qualified and experienced health, safety and environment professionals who have many years experience in the delivery of training solutions. The result is a high quality online DSE training solution that gives the trainee the necessary tools to meet their health, safety and environment obligations and the organisation a level of compliance through an engaging and effective learning medium.

How is it Delivered?

Trainees can complete the DSE training using their own electronic devices by accessing the eLearning modules either online or through a computer network. You also have the option of choosing this course to be delivered through an LMS which complies with SCORM, for no extra cost. By investing in online health and safety training, employees can all progress at their own pace, rather than having to stick to the same time limit, as they would have to do so on a traditional training day.

Compliance Record Keeping Easily Solved

The Praxis42 Digital Platform SHINE, is our in-house learning management system and forms a key part of our eLearning courses offering. If you have ever found yourself struggling to keep track of paper records then our learning management system will be a welcome change for your compliance record keeping. It allows you to electronically view and manage all training records, including course completions, for easy record keeping. With SHINE it is also far easier to prepare your compliance records for inspection by an enforcing agency, or if you are audited.

Course Summary

The online DSE training course from Praxis42 helps all levels of employees meet the requirements of the ‘Display Screen Equipment Regulations’ by following the Health and Safety Executive’s Guidance note on the Regulations L26 and ensure they are not exposing themselves to risk.

Additional information

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Technical Requirements

Please read our eLearning Technical Specification for information about the technical requirements of our courses.