Driver Assessment+

It is estimated that more than a quarter of all road traffic accidents involve somebody who is driving as part of their work. Health and safety law applies to driving at work in the same way that is does to all other work activities. There is extensive guidance for employers to ensure that their health and safety management system considers road risk. Managing driver risk as part of your health and safety arrangements is therefore essential and should include vehicles that are owned by employees and used for work as well as those provided by the organisation. Assessing and authorising employees and their vehicles for driving at work is at the centre of a sound management approach when supported by clear policies and training. Traditional paper based assessments and information gathering pose a number of compliance and administration problems for organisations which the Driver Assessment+ (DA+) solves in a simple and easy way.

Driver Assessment+ Features

The Praxis42 DA+ has a self authoring content management system which allows organisations to create compliance and risk assessment templates that aid in the evaluation of risk and authorisation of drivers via a well designed risk management system. Risk issues and records of self declarations by employees are collected on a secure central database, risk rated and communicated to nominated managers or authorisers within your organisation. The process also provides valuable information for compliance purposes combined with an audit trail and powerful management record keeping and reporting capability. All this compliance and authorisation can be accessed at any time in the future therefore helping protect the organisation from enforcement action and any civil claims. The easy-to-use record and reporting facility allows you to pinpoint the employee’s records as and when you need to, from any web connected device using your unique and secure username and password.

Benefits from using the DA+

There are a number of benefits in utilising the DA+ in your organisation which include:

  • Improved driver risk management and governance
  • Question sets, risk levels and inclusion of your related policies all fully content managed by you
  • Easy to administer driver authorisation and reassessment reminders
  • Improved compliance with legal requirements and current guidance
  • Improved ability to defend expensive claims or enforcement
  • Secure and easily retrievable record keeping
  • Time efficiency savings over paper based methods
  • Online monitoring of levels of compliance and use
  • A full range of management reporting metrics

Additional information

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