It is almost inevitable that drug and alcohol misuse amongst staff will, at some point, have an impact on your organisation. Whether it is through lateness and absenteeism, lower productivity and poor performance from individual staff members, or the even greater issue of a potential impact on safety, substance misuse has the potential to harm your organisation. Developed with drug and alcohol awareness professionals, our Drug and Alcohol Awareness eLearning for Managers is designed to inform managers of the risks associated with alcohol and substance misuse, to help them understand their legal position as an employer, to show them how to identify the early warning signs that someone is developing a substance misuse problem and to provide them with strategies on how to deal with this situation. It also identifies useful preventative measures that can be put in place, and explains the benefits of an organisational drug and alcohol policy.

Aims of the Course

Drug and Alcohol Awareness eLearning for Managers aims to help managers understand the impact substance misuse can have on their people at work, their legal position in relation to this, and to provide practical ways to identify and minimise the risks and effects associated with substance misuse.

Who is it for?

This course has been developed for anyone who manages or supervises staff, and is appropriate for an organisation of any size and across all industries.

How is it Delivered?

For maximum convenience, our Drug and Alcohol Awareness eLearning for Managers is provided in a format which allows each trainee to access the course at their own convenience either online or through an electronic device such as a laptop or desktop. If needed, the Drug and Alcohol Awareness eLearning course for Managers can also be adapted to an LMS which is SCORM compliant. As employees can progress through the eLearning course at their own pace, they do not have to complete it all in one session. Instead, they can save their progress and return to the platform at a later date to complete their training.

Compliance Record Keeping Instantly Solved

Our learning management system called SHINE, is an integral part of the Praxis42 eLearning modules, and a feature which sets us apart from our competitors. The role of the learning management system is to solve the troublesome issue of compliance record keeping by allowing you to track all training and course completions. Using SHINE you can electronically view and manage this information at your convenience, easily retrieving it should you face an audit or a visit from an enforcing agency. If you are also required to keep paper records of employee training, you can print off individually trainee certificates with ease once they have successfully completed a course and the end assessment accompanying it.

Course Summary

Based on government, NHS and RoSPA recommendations, our Drug and Alcohol Awareness eLearning for Managers provides your management team with a greater awareness of drug, alcohol and substance misuse, and its impact on the individual and the workplace.

Additional information

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Technical Requirements

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