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Are you aware of the EMF Directive 2013/35/EU which has derived from the Physical Agents Directive and the ‘The Control of Electromagnetic Fields at Work Regulations 2016’? If you answered ‘no’ then your organisation should consider training among a range of other measures required to comply with the requirements. Appropriate training for employees who may be exposed to EMF’s and their involvement in the risk assessment process is an essential requirement.

Electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) also referred to  as Radio Frequency (RF) can be generated both intentionally and unintentionally in a variety of working environments with employees being accidentally exposed to harmful levels of EMF’s or RF.

EMF’s and RF are used in many industrial processes including induction heating, semiconductor processing and medical diathermy as well as the more well known examples of telecommunication and broadcast systems. In fact any equipment that generates an amount of electrical current can produce significant magnetic fields.

Aims of the Course

EMF and RF Awareness from Praxis42 aims to help organisations to be fully aware of EMF’s, where they occur, the risks involved, and the permissible exposure levels to employees and others, enabling you to appreciate the hazards and risk and take appropriate action. It will help you in demonstrating that your organisation is compliant with the requirements to protect employees and others from exposure to electromagnetic fields in the workplace.

Who is it for?

The course has been developed by health and safety experts with particular experience working in the area of EMF’s and RF. The result is a high quality training solution that gives managers and employees the awareness to meet their health and safety obligations. The course is for anyone who uses, or may come into contact with EMF’s, as part of their work.

How is it Delivered?

The Praxis42 EMF and RF Awareness eLearning course can be accessed by all employees from their own workspace, using their desktop, or a similar electronic device. This allows each trainee to complete the course at their own pace, even through multiple sessions should they wish to do so by saving their progress and returning to the course at a later date. By offering the course in an online format you can reduce your company training costs while still achieving the legally required compliance when it comes to EMF awareness in the workplace, and all the training related to it. If required, we are also happy to provide the EMF and RF Awareness course to be integrated into an LMS that complies with SCORM.

Compliance Record Keeping Easily Solved

Our learning management system SHINE is a key part of all Praxis42 eLearning courses. The user-friendly system allows you to store and access all compliance records in one convenient place. This does away with the hassle of paper records and makes it far easier to prepare for an audit or a visit from an enforcing agency.

Course Summary

The EMF and RF Awareness course from Praxis42 helps managers and employees understand the hazards and risks associated with EMF’s in the workplace in an easy to understand interactive experience. The training highlights how EMF’s are propagated, the possible health effects and how EMF’s can be measured and controlled.

Additional information

EMF Awareness Product Guide Download Pdf

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Technical Requirements

Please read our eLearning Technical Specification for information about the technical requirements of our courses.