IOSH Managing Safely Course

Managers and supervisors play an important role in the health and safety of employees.

The Managing Safely IOSH course is the industry standard for health and safety management training for managers, supervisors and team leaders. It is a nationally and internationally recognised course, with successful candidates awarded the IOSH Managing Safely Certificate on successful completion.

Our comprehensive IOSH Managing Safely course equips trainees with an understanding of their responsibilities and how to execute them, providing the skills and techniques for managing safely and effectively.


Why take an IOSH course online?

Completing an IOSH Managing Safely course benefits both the individual and their organisation.

Workplace injuries and work-related ill health resulted in 30m lost working days in 2017/18, costing employers over £5bn in lost productivity. Effective health and safety management boosts productivity, reduces the number of workplace accidents and sick days, and creates a healthy working environment.

Managing safely training can help:

  • Ensure managers and organisations are compliant with health and safety legislation.
  • Support employees at work, improving their wellbeing and morale.
  • Reduce sick days and workplace injury risks, protecting employee health.
  • Develop management skills and expertise as part of management training and development.
  • Promote a culture of health and safety, ensuring your organisation attracts and retains talent.

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Who should take an IOSH Managing Safely course?

Our IOSH Managing Safely course is ideal for anyone with employee responsibilities.

It is suitable for all types of organisation and tailored to anyone looking to manage safely and comply with their organisation’s policy and best practice in health and safety.

You do not need any previous or specialist knowledge.

It is suitable for people new to health and safety as part of a management training programme, as well as experienced managers who are looking to keep up-to-date with the latest health and safety legislation.

Course aims and outcomes

Our IOSH managing safely course helps you understand all aspects of the health and safety requirements needed to implement an effective health and safety policy within an organisation.

The training course enables managers to review their departmental safety systems, introduce new controls or implement changes to ensure health and safety in the workplace. It includes practical examples and techniques that can be employed in the day-to-day management of an organisation, as well as a robust understanding of UK health and safety legislation.

By completing our IOSH Managing Safely course, you’ll be able to:

  • Define ‘hazard and ‘risk’ and describe the legal requirements for risk assessment.
  • Identify common hazards in the workplace and know how to control them.
  • Demonstrate a practical understanding of a quantitative risk assessment technique and what needs to be recorded.
  • Describe a hierarchy of controls.
  • Identify the data and techniques required to produce an adequate record of an incident.
  • Demonstrate the procedure for an accident investigation recognising the human factors involved.
  • Describe statutory requirements for reporting and procedures for checking on non-reporting.
  • Describe methods for basic trend and analysis for reactive and proactive monitoring data.
  • Prepare and use active monitoring checklists, implement schedules for active monitoring, recording results and analysing records.
  • Outline the main provisions of the law and its purpose relating to health and safety.
  • Outline relevant health and safety legislation, codes of practice, guidance notes and information sources.
  • Explain the components of a recognised safety management system such as that detailed in HSG 65 and ISO 45001.



Course duration

The course can take up to 24 hours to complete over a four month period, but most people complete it in less time.

Course content

The course comprises the following modules:

  • Course administration
  • Introduction to managing safely and general principles of management
  • Assessing risks
  • Controlling risks
  • Understanding your responsibilities
  • Identifying hazards
  • Investigating accidents and incidents
  • Measuring performance
  • Protecting our environment
  • Assessment and practical project

Each stage of the IOSH Managing Safely course includes detailed examples, interactive tools and exercises, and comprehensive tests to check understanding and chart progress.

At the end of the course, successful candidates will be awarded the internationally recognised IOSH Managing Safely Certificate.

How is the course delivered

Our IOSH Managing Safely course is delivered through our SHINE eLearning platform.

Candidates can access the course through a web browser on a desktop or laptop PC. Training is at your own pace, and each trainee is assigned a dedicated log-in. The course includes online modules and a practical project submitted at the end of the course. Candidates have four months to complete the course, including submitting their project, from the time of their first log-in.

SHINE – compliance record-keeping made simple

The Praxis42 Digital Platform SHINE is our advanced eLearning management system, tailored to help organisations deliver effective online learning for their employees.

A cost-effective tool for compliance record keeping, SHINE allows you to view and manage employee training records easily. Individual training certificates can be printed as proof of compliance for audits or visits from enforcing agencies.

SHINE includes a range of dedicated online learning tools.

  • Get real-time feedback on learning progress via the SHINE compliance dashboard.
  • Manage organisation-wide training with tracking, reporting and auditing across teams.
  • Deliver face-to-face training, webinars, training documents, enrolment and assessments.
  • SHINE Assessment Tool – identify and communicate organisational risks and co-ordinate training.
  • Build a comprehensive library of CPD Certified and IOSH Approved compliance courses.
  • Bespoke learning for your employees – from course content to awards and gamification.
  • Real-time, live support with our experts to help you get the best from SHINE.


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