‘Truly effective health and safety management require competency across every facet of an organisation and through every level of the workforce.’ – (Managing for Health and Safety – HSG65)

The health and safety performance and legal compliance of an organisation is usually demonstrated by the level of commitment of its management team. In fact, managers are often criticised for failing to take their policy duties and legal responsibilities seriously. But what is often forgotten is that managers simply don’t have the underpinning knowledge and understanding of what is required to manage safety in their area of responsibility. This is why training is crucial to any organisation’s health and safety management success.

Aim of the Module

Managing Safety aims to give managers the essential information they need to manage health and safety in
their area of responsibility and control. At the end of the module they will be able to:

  • Understand their responsibilities for health, safety and environment issues in the workplace and how to apply them
  • Recognise the key components of a health and safety management system and how it is applied in an organisation
  • Improve the safety performance of the organisation by ensuring risk assessments are undertaken and workplace precautions are put in place
  • Ensure accident and incident investigations are undertaken, recorded and reported accurately
  • Undertake to monitor and checking to ensure that workplace precautions are in place and work activities are being undertaken safely

Who is it for?

The course has been developed by Chartered health and safety practitioners who are also business managers. The result is a high-quality training solution that gives managers the necessary tools to meet their health and safety obligations.


How is it Delivered?

The Managing Safety course is delivered electronically, either online or through a computer network which can be accessed by individuals using their own electronic devices. To ensure that employees fully engage with the training provided, they can bookmark their progress and complete the course over multiple sessions, allowing them to learn at their own space.

Compliance Record-Keeping Easily Solved

Our learning management system, SHINE is a key part of this course, helping make your organisation’s record keeping easier than it has ever been. You can now quickly access and manage all training records and course completions electronically. In the event of an audit, our digital Platform SHINE also makes it far easier to provide evidence of your compliance, and even allows you to print off individual certificates should you need to do so.

Course Summary

The Managing Safety course from Praxis42 helps managers and supervisors meet the demands of modern health and safety requirements by following the Health and Safety Executive’s Guidance ‘Managing for Health and Safety (HSG65).


Additional information

Managing Safety Guide (PDF) Download Pdf

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Technical Requirements

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