Do your employees have to lift, lower, carry, push or pull loads? If so, then the Manual Handling Operations Regulations will apply and you must undertake a risk assessment and as a result your employees will typically need awareness training. Have you undertaken a manual handling assessment that involves the workforce? Do your employees know about the risks associated with manual handling? Do they know how to identify obvious hazards and deal with them? Have they been trained in safe manual handling operations?

If you answered ‘no’ to any of the above and you are not training those at risk then your organisation could be subject to enforcement action that could include an improvement notice, prosecution or an increased risk of a civil claim.The provision of health and safety training is not a matter of choice or optional, it is an absolute legal requirement for your organisation. Manual handling accidents account for over 38% of all lost time accidents at work and absence from work due to back pain is second only to the common cold. Manual handling operations are also a contributory factor in the large increase in slips, trips and falls in the workplace.

Aims of the Course

Manual Handling Awareness from Praxis42 aims to help your organisation meet the intent of the Manual Handling Operations Regulations by helping establish a culture where all those involved can input to resolving the issues having received a level of hazard awareness and workplace precaution training from the engaging online training solution.

Who is it for?

The course is aimed at all levels of employees who may undertake manual handling operations. Developed by qualified and experienced health, safety and environment professionals who have many years experience in the delivery of training solutions. The result is a high quality training solution that gives the trainee the necessary tools to meet their health, safety and environment obligations and the organisation a level of compliance through an engaging and effective learning medium.

How is it Delivered?

The Praxis42 Manual Handling Awareness course is designed to be delivered on an individual basis to all trainees. Using either a laptop or desktop, trainees can access the modules either online or through a computer network. All trainees also have the option of completing the course over multiple sessions by saving their progress and returning to it. Should you need it, we are also able to provide the Manual Handling Awareness Course in a format which can be integrated into a SCORM compliant learning management system.  

Compliance Record Keeping Easily Solved

Compliance record keeping can be a hassle for any organisation, no matter how big or small it is. Thankfully, this becomes a thing of the past with the use of our learning management system, SHINE. Our system allows you to electronically view and manage all of your compliance records and course completions, providing a convenient alternative to paper record keeping.

Course Summary

The Manual Handling Awareness course from Praxis42 helps trainees understand the requirements of working safely by following the Health and Safety Executive’s Guidance notes,‘Getting to grips with manual handling – A short guide’ (INDG 143) and ‘Are you making the best use of lifting and handling aids?’ (INDG 398).

Additional information

Manual Handling Awareness Guide (pdf) Download Pdf

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Technical Requirements

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