Wellbeing and mental health are an essential part of everyone’s life either at work at home. There appears to be a flood of information and discussions about how best organisations should help promote wellbeing and develop a comprehensive management plan. Engaging the workforce in better understanding what mental health is or is not and what individuals can do to self help is an important place to start.

Aim of the course

Is to provide individuals with underpinning knowledge about the components of wellbeing and an appreciation of the mental health continuum that leads them to an improved resilience and self-care approach in their everyday lives.

Who is it for?

All employees at all levels across an organisation benefit from a better appreciation of how important their mental health is and how it can vary at certain times.

How is it Delivered

Mental Health and Me is delivered in an eLearning format using audio, video clips and case studies to aid learning and understanding. The learning can be delivered wherever there is access to a browser and individuals can also use their own electronic device to gain access. To ensure that trainees have as much time as they need to complete the modules, they can save their progress and return to it at a later time.

Compliance record keeping Easily solved

Keeping your compliance records up to date is now easier than ever thanks to our learning management system, SHINE. Our digital platform allows you to easily track and manage training records electronically and print off individual certificates once employees have successfully completed a course.

Course summary

The course is an easy paced learning experience that uses various media and educational design to help the learner get the best out of the time they invest in themselves. The structure of the course includes:

  • An introduction that sets the context of the subject
  • We all have mental health explores the concept of varying states of health and wellbeing
  • Case study examples
  • Developing resilience and self-care tips, tools and strategies
  • Importance of talking and sharing
  • Summary and moving on


Additional information

Mental Health and Me guide (PDF) Download Pdf

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Technical Requirements

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