The World Health Organisation estimates that there are millions of minors across the world that suffer physical, emotional, or sexual violence. In the UK we are not immune and Safeguarding training is essential for anyone who might come into contact with children, either at work or as a volunteer.

Children that are abused by an adult never tell anyone which makes it vital that everyone that comes into contact with children are able to spot the warning signs, symptoms, indicators or pick up clues and respond appropriately and in a timely manner.


To enable those that may work or come into contact with children as a volunteer recognise the warning signs and clues that a child may be at risk from harm from others.

At the end of the training trainees will be able to:

  • recognise potential indicators of child abuse – physical, emotional, sexual, and neglect including radicalisation, child trafficking and female genital mutilation
  • understand the impact a parent/carer’s physical and mental health can have on the wellbeing of a child or young person, including the impact of domestic violence
  • understand the importance of children’s rights in the safeguarding/child protection context
  • know what action to take if you have concerns, including to whom you should report your concerns and from whom to seek advice
  • demonstrate an understanding of the risks associated with the internet and online social networking
  • understand the basic knowledge of legislation


The course has been developed for all levels of employees in an organisation who may come into contact with children. 


Safeguarding can be delivered online or through a computer network to each trainee at their desktop, laptop or device. The training can be completed at the employees’ own pace by ‘book marking’ and recording progress and returning to the training at a later stage. In delivering the training in this way the normal cost of training are reduced whilst still achieving the desired awareness and compliance with the organisation’s obligations. At the end of the training the trainee will complete an assessment.


An invaluable feature of Praxis42 eLearning modules is our learning management system called SHINE, our learning management system. This solves the problem of compliance record keeping by recording completion of modules and making them available for you to view and manage electronically.


45 – 60 minute course


The ‘Safeguarding’ course provides employees with the awareness and tools necessary to identify warning signs and clues that a child may be at risk or abused and what then to do.


  1. Introduction
  2. Signs, symptoms and indicators
  3. Recognising abuse
  4. Impacts associated with parents and carers
  5. Domestic abuse
  6. Reporting concerns
  7. Whistleblowing
  8. Overview of legislation
  9. Internet, online and social media risk
  10. Assessment


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Technical Requirements

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