Change creates opportunities for innovation. That’s why our eLearning can be completed on a park bench, and reported real-time via telemetry. It’s how an app can be developed to identify compliance gaps and fill them. It inspires us to create Health and Safety Management Systems that align with our clients’ organisational demands today. Day-in, day-out, in every corner of the UK, our team of Advisers help to ensure that people and premises remain safe, healthy and compliant. Nothing left to chance.

But how about tomorrow? How will you continue to do the right things, and to do the things right? With widespread knowledge, emerging technologies and extensive resources we can work with progressive and prudent leadership teams to ensure they manage both. We can help you to ensure a positive organisation-wide attitude towards health, safety and wellbeing compliance and competency and thereby minimise your legal, financial and reputational risks. Nothing left to chance.

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A long TV celebrated commercial asks “How does the man who drives the snow plough drive to the snow plough?”. The answer is a VW Beatle.  Here is a similar question.  “Who does a super-safe brand rely on check that their safety standards are being maintained in their own facilities?”  The answer is Praxis42.

We employ a small army of qualified Advisers located across the UK.  These capable and committed individuals travel around their regions auditing, assessing and inspecting our Clients’ shops, service centres and surgeries; pubs, clubs and restaurants; factories, offices and hotels.  They ensure that procedures and protocols are correctly implemented where they matter most, all day, every day.

We are our Clients expert eyes and ears at their sites across the UK. Nothing left to chance.



Most of the time, for most organisations, areas needing to be assessed for risk and the measures required to control them are pretty common.  Fire does not care where it wreaks havoc.  The key rules and risks around food safety are identical in a Michelin starred restaurant and in a school canteen.  Stress can incapacitate the most youthful apprentice and the most experienced CEO.

But we go beyond these and help you to ask ‘What if?’.  Because in your organisation, some risks will be specific to you.  Something unique will have the potential to affect your premises or the health of your employees and the public.  There is nearly always an ‘unknown unknown’ that we help you to identify by asking the right questions, not least ‘What if…?’.  This helps ensure that you form a balanced and reasonable view on risk and to activate best practice to manage it.

If you prefer prevention to cure, let’s chat.  Nothing left to chance.