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Our latest achievement sees us partnering with global insurer Hiscox to launch the 'Hiscox Risk Academy', a free online risk management platform for Hiscox commercial insurance policy holders.

Access to the Risk Academy is automatically offered to eligible policyholders within policy documentation at point of sale or renewal and once they have signed up, they will be able to set up and roll out the service to their employees.


The Risk Academy provides a suite of e-learning modules, Assessment tools, Policies, Procedures and Guidance documents, tailored to industry sectors and covering general health, safety, fire risk management and employee wellbeing advice.

To find out more about how you can partner with Praxis42 to enjoy all of the benefits of our risk management tools for your organisation or clients, then please contact us here, or call us on 020 3011 4242

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I am a Hiscox policyholder, can I have access to the free Risk Academy?
If you purchased commercial cover after July 29th 2021 through your broker and your turnover is over 80K, then you are likely to have the access details along with the URL noted within your policy documentation. Please follow the sign up instruction within your cover letter and policy schedule to register.

Can I assign specific courses to employees?
We have over 20 courses, 50 guidance documents and policy templates and 5 assessments ranging from workstation to driving risk management. To obtain details on how to assign employees or groups, we have provided walk through videos under the ‘help’ section of Hiscox Risk Academy.

Can I use Hiscox Risk Academy as my companies’ main risk management practise?
We would recommend this, as it carries no additional cost to the organisation being a free of charge benefit offered by Hiscox. The platform provides content to help your safety management system and provides employees the highest standard of compliance training. Training on the HRA also counts toward your employees recorded CPD.

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