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Meet Praxis42 Fire Safety Director Rob Sherman at his Burning Issues Clinic at Safety and Health Expo, London 20 – 22 June.

Posted by Tom Paxman

Right now the sources, shapes and severity of Health and Safety related risks are changing faster than ever.  To help you ensure that your organisation is up-to-date with the legal, financial, operational and reputational risks presented by fire, Praxis42’s Director of Fire Safety, Rob Sherman, is holding a ‘Burning Issues Clinic’ at the Safety and Health Expo at ExCel London, 20 – 22 June.

Here are a few topics the Rob expects to be able to help with:

  • What is the legal requirement for conducting and reviewing Fire Risk Assessments at our premises?
  • What does our ‘Responsible Person’ need to know and do? For example, do they train others to use extinguishers? Should they evacuate disabled persons, or should the emergency services?
  • Where do the lines of responsibility lie in a multioccupancy building?
  • Are managers living onsite, for example in a pub or hotel, exempt from fire safety laws?
  • What do vague looking terms like ‘where necessary’, ‘good management’, ‘suitable and sufficient’ and ‘an achievable period’ really mean in terms of my legal accountability for fire risk?
  • In a rented property, who is the responsible person? The manager of the business or the owner of the premises?
  • What next generation technologies are emerging to reduce fire risk?

If you’d like to meet with Rob at the Expo, please contact libby.summers@praxis42.com to apply for a VIP Guest Pass.  This will provide access to the VIP Lounge sponsored by Praxis42, where the clinic is located, and includes catering.  If you are not able to attend the Expo Rob, you can contact Rob for advice on Fire Safety at any time at rob.sherman@praxis42.com or on 07506 475759.

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